Sophie Giraffe and the international photo competition "The coolest child of Sophie Giraffes" supports the campaign Doctors without Borders.

A unique toy

Made from 100% natural rubber and still "traditionally" produced for more than 50 years,
Sophie la girafe is Baby's first toy stimulating each of his senses
from the age of 3 months!

The Sophie la girafe film

Enter the world of Sophie la girafe to learn all about the secrets involved in its production!

Sophie la girafe Collections

Discover a complete product range that covers all the baby's needs,
for each time of the day and during each stage of his growth.


Where to find our Sophie la girafe products?

Our Sophie la girafe products are sold on every continent.

Find all our retail outlets in Bosnia&Herzegowina, Mldavia, Montenegro, Poland, Ukraine and Serbia
and contact details for our exclusive distributors


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